The Gate of the World

The location is in the archipelago of Indonesia, the pearls in the Equator, between Asia and Australia. It is difficult to find a place where joy is found in the blend of precious culture and the beauty of nature.

The ancient legend in the island of Java, one of the most fertile and beautiful land in the world, said that even gods and goddesses were attracted to build their domain here.

The inhabitants of this island from linguistic point of view are the descendants of gods. ‘People’ in refined (alus) Javanese language is Tiyang from Ti Hyang or Uwong from Wahong (in lower language) means descendant of god. This garden of paradise, Central Java (included Yogyakarta) had been inhabited since 2 million years ago, as proved by scientific discovery of the HOMO ERECTUS.

So since a long time ago, it is a safe and friendly place to live in. From the wayang narrators it could be learned the glory of Dwarawati Kingdom, an exemplary country of Yogyakarta. it is peaceful where live a lot of good people and beautiful women in the prosperous country. The trade is flourishing and foreigners throng to live here.

Do not miss to visit the spectacular Yogyakarta, a dream in reality. The gate of the World. It’s located between Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia in the west and Bali Tourist resort in the east. There are several flights to Yogyakarta every day, it takes less than an hour.


Welcome to Yogyakarta

The map of Yogyakarta is courtesy of Bappeda of Yogyakarta.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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