The second of the Pendawa, the son of Pandu Dewanata and Kunti Talibrata was a robust ksatria. To everybody, even to Dewas (gods) he spoke in Ngoko language (lower level language). Only to Dewa Ruci he spoke in Kromo Inggil language (high level language).

(see Mahabarata, Baratayuda, the Kingdoms of Hastinapura and Amarta). Like the other Pendawa, he had a good exemplary conduct but he was rather temperamental. He was very powerful in battle as he was also a Sakti Ksatria (having supernatural power).

He was several aji-aji/mantra which made him more sakti, there were: Bandung Bondowoso, Wungkal Bener, Jala Sengara and Kuku Pancanaka (long nails in his thumbs of the hands). The Pancanaka was the symbol of dignity and if necessary, it could kill effectively all his evil enemies. Bima or Werkudara was an expert in using his gada (bludgeon) in fight, many enemies including Duryudana, had been killed by Werkudara using his gada. By destiny, all his powerful sons-warriors: Antareja, Gatotkaca and Antasena were dead before or in Baratayuda.

His grand-sons Danurwinda (son of Antareja) served as a Patih (Prime Minister) and Sasi Kirana (son of Gatotkaca) as a chief-warrior of Hastinapura under Parikesit. Besides a well known Satria-warrior, Bima was very serious in mastering the knowledge of truth (Ilmu Sejati). In search of Holy Water-Perwitasari, the essence of life he met Dewa Ruci, a very small god resembled to him. Mistically Bima could enter into Dewa Ruciís womb through his ear. Inside he met again Dewa Ruci, his Guru Sejati (true Guru) and he could see everything in the universe, no more secret in life. He became a Satrio Pinandito (a honest person, a fighter of truth, who had master the knowledge of truth-ilmu sejati).

Suryo S. Negoro

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