The Kingdom of Wirata


In the wayang kulit/leather-puppet performance the name of Prabu Matsyapati or Durgandana, the King of Wiroto is famous. He appears oftenly in the story. He was the son of Basukiswara, a just and powerful king of Cedhiwiyasa. As a result of his strong self-denial and serious and sincery Samadhi (meditation) god Indra bestowed on him five magical things:

  1. a golden chariot like the one belonged to a god, which could take him anywhere he wanted to go, fastly and comfortably.
  2. A heirloom which made him a winner in every battle.
  3. A string of flowers of lotus, which could not fade away. It made his body could not be wounded by anykind of weapon.
  4. A piece of bamboo. He could make spiritual contact with Dewa/god in his Samadhi.
  5. He could speak with animals.

Batara Indra told him that Basukiswara had to use his ability to preserve the world and mankind with good conduct and Wisdom. He had five good sons who became kings in different kingdoms.

One day he wanted to make a Sradda offering for his ancestors. Among other things he needed the flesh of wild deer. Using his golden chariot he went hunting in the jungle. Several weeks had passed, all of a sudden he remembered his new wife, Dewi Girika. He felt a strong desire to make love with his pretty and young wife. Uncontrollably he ejaculated. He wrapped his Kama (sperm) in a leaf of Jati/teak tree.

He called a hawk to bring the package to his wife, Girika, soonest. It flied as quick as possible. Unfortunately another hawk wanted to snatch the package, guessing that it was food. The package was torn apart, and fell in the river. A big fish swallowed the package at once.

Ten months later, a fisherman by the name of Dasabala went fishing. His net caught a very big fish. It was very hard to be drawn. He asked help from his fellow-fishermen. Astonishingly the big fish gave birth to a twin babies, a boy and a girl, and the fish died after delivering the twin. Dasabala confused, reported the case to the King. The King kept the boy and Dasabala permitted to raise the girl. The boy’s name was Durgandana while the girl’s name was Durgandini, means bad odor.

Their fish mother was in fact a goddess in punishment by the name of Dewi Adrika. She was released from punishment after delivering the twin and she went back to heaven. Durgandana became healthy and charming, latter on he became the king of Wirata Kingdom, by the name of Prabu/King Matsyapati. (Matsya means fish; Pati = King, the King of of fishes).

Durgandini had also a bad smell, she was named Rara Amis, a girl with the odor of fish. Upon the advice of a Begawan (wise man), Dasabala exiled Rara Amis to river Silugangga with hope she could be cured by miracle. As a living, she helped people to cross the river by her small bamboo boat.

Meanwhile a young man, Bambang Palasara, had just accomplished his asceticism in the vicinity after being visited by god Guru and Narada. Guru instructed him to cure a sick girl living in the nearby river. Palasara wanted to cross the river, he saw a girl on the boat. She asked her weather she could do a favor to him, he wanted to go to the other side of the river.

She agreed to help him to cross the river but he had to promise to cure her. Soon they were on boat crossing the wide river. Palasara smelt immediately, her strong purtrid odor of fish. In reality Palasara saw that she was a lovely girl. It was pity that she had umbearable smell. He asked her nicely:

‘Young lady, who are you and why are you here?"

She had a feeling he was a nice fellow. She noticed that he did not shut his nose like other people she met and he talked to her nicely. She replied: "My name is Durgandini, people called me Rara Amis due to my bad odor. My father isolates me here with a hope, one day I get cured by miracle".

"It’s unbelievable. How could a father let her pretty daughter alone in a place like this".

Durgandini was flattered to hear his comments. She began to like him. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a handsome young man, his bright face with shining sharp eyes. She dared to say:

"So, please help me, cure me. So that I can return to my father".

Palasara was confident, she was the sick girl mentioned by Guru. He concentrated his mind, spelling his mantras to cure her. He touched her body by special oil from god Guru. The miracle did happened, her bad odor had gone. on the contrary she had odor like a thousand jasmine flowers, pleasant fragrant.

She was over whelmingly happy, at last she became a normal woman. She gazed at him with admiration. Her big eyes were starring brightly. Palasara was right, in fact she was a woman of a rare beauty. Their eyes met, without words they knew that they were attracted to each other. She felt something she never felt before when his hands rubbed her gently with the oil, she felt warm inside, her blood circulation ran faster.

Amidst the beautiful green nature, on a small bamboo boat in the middle of the river, they embraced and made a long warm love until dark. They did not know how many times they did it. Palasara, a young man with ascetic way of life had never been with a woman before. He did not master the art of love as told by Kama Sutra.

His Kama spread over everywhere. They were over-exhausted, lying naked by holding hands. They decided to live together, in front of God they were man and wife. But they had no house to live, it was not a big deal. Palasara with his supernatural power created a small palace for the new family. His mantra could change the small boat to be an island.

Their relation bore some fruits, the wild intercourse " produced" some children :

  1. Seta, was transformed from Durgandini’s illness.
  2. Rajamala, was transformed from the boat.
  3. Kencaka and
  4. Rupakenca, were transformed from the boat.
  5. Rekatawati, was born through a crab.

Rekatawati later on became the wife of Durgandana or Prabu Matsyapati, the King of Wirata and the four brothers lived and served in the palace of Wirata. In the new palace, Palasara and Durgandini or Satyawati made love again tenderly, properly. Satyawati delivered a birth of a boy. He was named Kresna Dwipayana, as the boy had black skin (Kresna) and was born in an island (Dwipa). Their new palace and country/island was given name: Astina. Palasara changed his name to Prabu/King Dipakeswara. They lived together happily for several years.

Durgandana, the crown-Prince of Wirata

He married with his own niece, Rekatawati, the daughter of Durgandini and Bambang Palasara. Seta, the elder brother of Rekatawati was against the marriage. Durgandana was defeated by Seta, he asked a help from Kresna Dwipayana. Seta was stubborn although his own father has agreed with his sister’s marriage to Durgandana. Seta was killed in battle against Durgandana helped by Kresna Dwipayana. The soul of Seta reincarnated to the first son of Rekatawati with Durgandana by the name of Raden Seta. Their other children were Raden Utara, Raden Wratsangka and Dyah Utari.

Durgandana or King Matswapati learned a lot of knowledge from his Guru and brother-in-law Palasara. One day, Palasara’s father, the hermit of Satasrengga or Sapta Arga, Begawan Sakri passed away. He had to return to the abode respecting the last wish of his father. He had been told also by god Narada, that Satyawati should marry with Sentanu. Of course, he reacted strongly, he did not want to be separated with his beautiful wife. But he could not do anything against the wish of God. He was told to continue his ascetic life, purified his soul, for the proper and happy life of his descendants in the future. Kresna Dwipayana followed his father to Setasrengga and became his student. Embracing his mother, he said: "My dear mother, in the future when you have whatsoever problem, you can’t solve, just call me in your heart and I’ll come to help you".

Palasara used his strong mantras so his wife Satyawati became a virgin again. He told her to take a good care of Hastina Kingdom. She went home to live with her adopted father Dasabala-the fisherman. Until she met and married with a widower King Sentanu, the father of Dewabrata/Bisma. All ancestors of Palasara were Resis who were very wise and Sakti (having supernatural power). The lineage was: god Brama-Resi Bremani-Resi Parikenan-Resi Manumayasa-Resi Palasara.

Resi Manumayasa and his son Resi Sakutrem were famous in the spiritual teachings. Resi Manumayasa had a goddess wife Dewi Kaniraras, he had two loyal and very sakti students Putut Supalawa, a white monkey like Anoman and Putut Pidaksaka, a strong ksatria like Gatotkaca.

Resi Sakutrem had also a sakti Goddess wife, Dewi Nilawati. One day Manumayasa and Sakutrem quarreled with the old King of Wirata who also had strong supernatural power. But the King’s ability was far behind the Resis’, as both the Resis could live in the light of their souls. They could defeat the King and he was apologized. Resi Sakri was also wise and Sakti.

People called him Satria Pinandita a ksatria, a knight or ordinary people with good conduct, honest and wise is a ksatria. A ksatria is not necessarily be a warrior or a soldier.

Pinandita is a very kind hearted man, wise who lives in self-denial or ascetic way of life. He is always ready to help anyone who needs help. (Pinandita from Pandita means priest). So Satria Pinandita is a ksatria/satria with a heart like a priest.

That’s why one of the traditional ancient requirements to be a Ruler is He/She must have a qualification like Satria Pinandita.

Prabu Matswapati, the great King of Wirata

Under the king of Matswapati or Durgandana, Wirata was a strong and prosperous country. Raden Kencaka, his brother-in-law was the chief warrior. He did his job perfectly. Some said that Matswapati was the King but Kencaka was the real Ruler. Kencaka had one weakness, his uncontrollable desire towards women.

The five Pendawa and Drupadi, after 12 years living in the jungle, honoring the agreement with Kurawa, had to live in disguise for another year. They have chosen to live in undercover in Wirata, a non-friendlly country to Korawa. They got jobs as court-servants and changed their names:

Yudistira was Dwija Kangka , a King ‘servant

Drupadi was Sairandri , a queen ‘servant

Bima was Abilawa , a butcher

Arjuna was Wrehanala , a dance teacher

Nakula was Grantika , took care of horses

Sadewa was Tantripala , took care of cows

As they were courtiers themselves, they could easily carry on their jobs. From the first day of their appearance in the palace, Kencaka had eyed the beauty of Sairandri. He was sure that he could posses her easily, but this time it was not that easy. His strong position and wealth could not lure her to fall in his lap. Day by day his lust turned to a love. He proposed her to be his official wife by the consent of the queen. The situation was a danger to Pendawa’s cover, in two weeks time they would be free again. One night, Bima took the necessary action by killing-Kencaka, the strongest man of Wirata.

The next morning the whole country was shaken by the killing of Kencaka. The palace sources knew that the killer was Sairandri ‘secret lover, who was a giant spirit. Sairandri who was instructed to leave the palace was granted permission to live in the palace for another 13 days. The time was needed by her spirit husband to build a house in the nearby jungle.

In the meantime, the news of the death of powerful chief-warrior Kencaka, who was killed by a giant spirit reached the intelligent force of Korawa. According to their analysis, the killer had to be Bima. But it was difficult to confirm as they did not have a good relation with Wirata. The supreme command of Korawa hastily decided to attack Wirata.

But their attack was crushed heroically by Wirata’s forces with the help of Pandawa. The day of Pendawa’s disguise was over, Korawa could not do any harm to Pendawa. Prabu Matswapati and his entire family was very pleased. He wanted to take Arjuna as his son-in-law, to be the husband of Dewi Utari.

Politely Arjuna made a counter-proposal, Utari to marry his son, Abimanyu. An extravagant wedding-party was organized, attended by many well-wishers from other friendly kingdoms. From this marriage, a son, Parikesit the future king of Hastina was born. Pendawa stayed in Wirata for a while awaiting for a peaceful return to Hastina, but instead they have to go to Baratayuda, a war of decision.

In Baratayuda, King Matswapati together with Kresna became the advisors of Pendawa. He had a very long life, he was still alive when his grand-son, Parikesit became a great King of Hastimapura. His three sons were dead as brave warriors in the war against the greed of Duryudana. Raden Seta, married to Princess Kanekawati of Pancalaretna. He had a strong heirloom called "Tameng Waja" (steel shield), made his strenght equal to eight big elephants. He killed, Rukmarata, a son of King Salya of Mandaraka and the son of Karna, Warsakusuma. He was killed by Resi Bisma, who was helped by the spirit of his mother, Dewi Gangga. Raden Utara, who married with Dewi Tirtawati of Tasikretna, was also dead in the hand of Bisma, so was his brother Wratsangka, the husband of Dewi Sindusari of Tasikretna.

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