The city of Semarang, the capital of Central Java province is located on the north coast of Java Sea. The Northern part of the city is lying across on the plain coast and the Southern part is on the hilly side from Candi Baru area upward to the town of Ungaran.
Semarang is a busy administrative and Trading city, most of the offices, business centers, industrial estates are concentrated in the low land, where as in the hilly side, there are many houses with the beautiful gardens with a superb view to the town and the sea. The old records of this city date back to the 15th to the 18th century AD in where captivating ancient and colonial monuments still standing to present date.


Around Candi, the upper part of the city, Bergota from Hindu era, the fortification of Prince Puger from MATARAM, the grave of Ki Ageng Pandan Arang and Kyai Saleh in Mugas street attract many pilgrims.
In the west part of Semarang, a temple SAMPOKONG or locally known as Gedong Batu (Stone Building) was dedicated to Chinese Moslem Admiral Cheng Ho, his fleet arrived in the first time at 1406 AD
The other Chinese Buddhist temple is Tay Kak Sie at Lombok Street built in the year 1772.

GEREJA BLENDUK, is the eldest Christian Church in Central Java built by the Dutch community in 1753. It shows the Church architecture of the 18th century with its huge dome and a baroque organ inside the building. Nearby the Church, there are some buildings from the Dutch colonial time.
STASIUN TAWANG, the main railways station with its "Old Time" architecture located also in this area.

LAWANG SEWU, (Thousand Doors), In the downtown of Semarang is also a remarkable building from the "Old Dutch Time".

GOMBEL, A favorite place on the hill with its fresh air and picturesque landscape. In the evening, people like to be here to relax while enjoying the panoramic vista to the city and the harbor.


Today Semarang has few relics of an illustrious past, which shows the activities of business conducted by Dutch, Chinese and Javanese Moslem traders. The City is prospering, many new constructions rise, it is likely preparing to be a metropolitan town which keeps properly its precious memory of the by gone days. The busy street Jl. Pemuda in the downtown has some places of interest.

TUGU MUDA (THE YOUTH MONUMENT) is a nostalgic remembrance for the heroic fight for independent and commemorated on October 14 and 15 every year.
SIMPANG LIMA, it is a square with many shops and cinemas around. In the evening a lot of people are here taking a walk or window-shopping. Early in the morning, people are jogging along the street.

BAITURRAKHMAN MOSQUE, showing a mixture of old and new design. Other places worth to see among other are :

RONGGOWARSITO MUSEUM, it is on Jl. Abdulrahman displaying a systematical education of cultural historical development of earth and human life. A brief history of the country is also exposed. Open daily, except mondays. Tuesday - Thursday 08.00 AM - 02.00 PM Friday 08.00 AM - 11.30 AM Saturday and Sundays 08.00 AM - 12.30 PM


Jamu has always been used in this country since ancient period, it is very popular here, it is sold almost every where by different means, from JAMU GENDONG (carried on the back of a woman) to the special shops in modern malls. Just like modern western medicine, jamu has a large range of products to cure different diseases. More than that it has also specific products to keep a healthy life.
Two Museums dedicated to jamu are :

  1. Nyonya Meneer, on Jl. Raya Kali Gawe.
  2. Jago, on Jl. Setia Budi No. 273.
  3. Indonesian Record museum, in the some building with Jago Museum. It shows some pictures of special records in Central Java e.g: the tollest man/woman, the shortest, the fastest etc.
It is a well arranged park on the beach exhibiting traditional houses of every central Java regencies. In these houses, specific crafts of each regency are displayed.

In the West Side of the city there is a hot water spring.

On Jl. Agus Salim there are playgrounds and stages for show.

A public entertainment place where different shows performed such Kethoprak (Traditional Theater with stories of Javanese Kingdoms period ), wayang, as well as band music. There are restaurants, and souvenir shops.

There are various local animals here.

The group of FX. Sutoro, the pawang ular ( Snakes Tamers ) demonstrate their dangerous skill playing around with the reptiles.

It is a place for people entertainment, various facilities are available here.


There are two famous groups of Wayang Orang (Human Wayang Theatre) belonged to this city, namely :

NGESTI PANDOWO, previously had regular performance at Jl. Pemuda. This group from time to time made performances in other cities such as in Yogyakarta and Surakarta during local fairs.

SRI WANITO, from these words, which mean queen of women, all players are women.
Recently these highly valued groups as many others cultural traditional groups are facing unfavorable fate. What a tragic situation !
The Ngesti Pandowo group sometimes performs at Taman Budaya Raden Saleh (TBRS) and Gedung Kebudayaan (Cultural Building).

Regularly performed twice every month in the town of Semarang.
1. On the 17th day of the month in The Governor's office.
2. Every Friday Kliwon in TBRS.

Organized in front of grand mosque in Pasar JOHAR area marks the beginning of fasting month. The name Dug-der, came from the sound of the mosque drum and sound of firecrackers. There is a BAZAR for several days.

Held in July, it is the biggest ceremonies of Chinese communities in Java in front of GEDUNG BATU (Sam Po Kong) and Tay Kak Sie Temple. It is a colorful procession and dances of decorated horses and Liong Dragons.

Held in TBRS throughout July featuring various forms of entertainment.

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There are plenty of places of entertainment like in any other town of the world, such as : cinemas, karaoke-lounges, discotheques, bars, pubs, night clubs, etc.
There are a lot of restaurants in this city offering delicious food of Indonesian, Chinese, and European cuisine. One should find easily in Jl. Pemuda around Pasar Johar the best speciality market in Simpang Lima mall.
The area of Gang Lombok and Jl. Gadjah Mada are famous with its Chinese restaurants, in Jl. A. Yani there are tasteful Javanese restaurants.
The star-rated hotels also have their own restaurants. Semarang is famous for its Lumpia
( Chinese Spring Rolls ), Pia, Wingko, Bandeng Presto ( Tendered Fish ).
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This city has enough accommodation for its visitors, from budged hotels to the star-rated hotels. Some top hotels located in downtown and in any luxurious area. The facilities meet international demands with combination of traditional specialities.
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The smaller hotels locally are known as melati hotels.

Locally known as losmen .
For your information, kindly see the list of hotels.

To and from Semarang is easily accessible by Air, the airport name is Ahmad Yani located in West Semarang around five km from the downtown.
Several airlines, such as Garuda and Merpati, Connect with other cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Etc.
Kindly see airport for flight schedule on the list of Airlines.

The main railway station is Tawang, in the old part of the town.
The main train connection is between Semarang, Cirebon and Surabaya. There is also service to Solo.
Kindly see the list of Train Schedule.

The main Bus Terminal is in Terboyo, in the eastern part of the city.
Several Bus Companies serve the inter-city connections with many cities in Java, Bali and Sumatra. Direct information can be collected directly in the terminal.
Kindly see the list of Bus Companies.

The Semarang harbor is in Tanjung Mas. There are regular shipping lines for passengers sail to and from Semarang to other island, as Kalimantan.

The main line is Pelni. Inquire also for occasional cargo boats, taking passengers in the harbor.
Kindly see the list of shipping lines.

The small minivans regularly serve the connection also with other cities in Java.

For local transport, there are various types such as becak (only in the north part of the city), mini-buses, buses and taxi.
Kindly see the list of taxi and rental car.

For convenience can easily go to a Tour and Travel Agents to get a ticket or to go to any tourist spots nearby such as Gedong Songo, Dieng to the south or to Demak, Jepara and Kudus to east or the west to the town of Tegal and Pekalongan.
Kindly see the list of Travel Agents.

The offices taking care of public service are of prime important such as The Post Office, Immigration, tourist office etc.
Kindly see the list of Public Service Offices.

For travelers coming to Semarang and its surrounding areas, the convenient places for money changers and banking services are almost everywhere.
The Credit Cards, such as Master, Visa Amex Cards are also popular.
Kindly see the List of Money Changers and Banks.

It is clearly noticed that Semarang is very busy with its business & Industrial activities.

The center of the town is also the trading center for local as well as for export and import transactions.
Considering the fast growth of business development, the government has built the Tanjung Emas (The Golden Cape) to be a deep-sea harbor to meet the demand of Export and Import through Semarang.

A lot of containers are in the port yard, arranged for further transportation. The Prospect of Tanjung Emas enlargement in meeting the future demand should not be difficult, considering the available lot of lands in the area.

There are four Industrial Estates nearby the harbor, consist of :

  1. Industrial Estate Bugangan
  2. Industrial Estate Kaligawe (LIK Kaligawe)
  3. Industrial Estate Terboyo
    With minimal plot of land of 1000 sqm. It is the biggest Estates in Semarang Coast

  4. Industrial Estate Guna Mekar Industri
    Located in West of Semarang also for big industry only.
Except the above existing estates in the South of Semarang should be developed PEMUDA (Youth) Industrial Estate of 500 HA space of land
For business purposes herewith some related lists :

List of Exporters

List of Importers

List of forwarding Agents

List of insurance

For those who are interested in more detailed information for business as well as Industry & Investment, the address hereunder might help :

Address of Governor's Office

Address of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industrial of Central Java (Kadinda)

Address of Bappeda (Board of Planning & Development of Central Java)

Address of BKPMD (Board of Investment of Central Java).


(Suryo S. Negoro)

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